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Join a Time Bank in Your Community

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"TimeBanking is a medium of exchange—like money, but having its own qualities. It was reward “decency, caring, and a passion for justice.”

"With TimeBanking, an hour of help earns one credit. Unlike standard money, there is no price placed on different kinds of service. Regardless of the type of help given, an hour is an hour. The purpose of TimeBanking is to reweave communities by valuing the contributions of all, joining unused resources to unmet needs.

"Anyone can earn time credits by contributing to others. Anyone who has earned can spend—or donate their Time credits earned to others. Organizations and government agencies and even businesses can also become members of the TimeBank. As TimeBank members contribute their time, energies and skills, they create an ever-growing community “bank” of skills that members can draw on. TimeBanking builds community one hour at a time."
~ TimeBanks USA

[Linking to VNSofNY Time Bank, as that's the one I am joining.]

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  • Beads Land-TrujilloBeads Land-Trujillo

    I'm wanting to take advantage of the city's new bike sharing program, but don't know how to ride a bike, so I'm hoping to find someone to teach me that skill through the time bank and then return the favor through service to others in the same community.