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Join Travel Innovation Workshop in San Francisco


2150 Shattuck Ave, Penthouse Floor, Berkeley, CA
December 12, 2013at 5:30 pm

Join us for an innovation workshop that is bound to change your experience and outlook of travel forever.
Do you enjoy traveling, innovation, adventure, and meeting people? It's possible to accomplish all of the above. Help to connect communities and travelers all over the world and create meaningful travel experiences and, in short, improve lives!
Join us for this hands-on workshop to imagine new and meaningful travel experiences. Add your fresh thinking to the shape and future of traveling. Let's improve the experience of travel for travelers AND locals alike.
*Space is limited so RSVP now!

Workshop Schedule
• 5:30-6pm Registration and Networking
• 6-6:30pm Call for travel2change experience ideas
• 6:30-7:30pm Break out sessions for brainstorming
• 7:30-8pm Discussion of how to make ideas happen
• 8-8:30pm Wrap up and networking