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Lace up in Solidarity With Boston

Rosalie Murphy


Maybe you're already a marathoner. Maybe you're a jogger, a hiker, or a treadmiller. Maybe your running shoes are buried in a pile of out-of-season boots in a closet somewhere. This week, it doesn't matter what your experience is -- we're all Bostonians, all marathoners, all neighbors, and we're all hitting the street.

First, pledge your miles on the thousand-person Google doc following this post. Complete it proudly. Then, check out the very satisfying response page at, where hundreds of people and thousands of miles have memorialized yesterday's dead and injured.

Let Langston Hughes's words be your mantra (and give "race" a dual meaning) in your fight against hopelessness: "It has seemed to me that most people are generally good, in every race and in every country where I have been."

Photo (cc) Flickr user Stijlfoto. Sign up below.

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Do It

5 others are in

    Iben McCormick-Ricket Rosalie Murphy Briana  Jauregui Zachary Slobig

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  • Adele PetersAdele Peters

    Really like this. Right after it happened and I was waiting to hear if a friend was okay, I went for a run—it was the only thing that helped me feel a little better. Not only because it helped me feel a bit of solidarity, but just because running is a good way to find perspective, offset anxiety, and process events like this...

  • Zachary SlobigZachary Slobig

    I plan to "run" Bay to Breakers in May in San Francisco with my Aunt who is battling stomach cancer in her seventies. She's a longtime marathoner and this will be my first, well, long race. Bay to Breakers isn't a marathon by any stretch. Seems like a damn good year to finally do it.