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    Claire Savage
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Laugh! Everything Is Festival 4 *Dreamquest*

Claire Savage

Los Angeles, CA
August 12, 2013at 8:00 pm

'Everything is Festival – the world's greatest, and completely indefinable festival of fun — is back! We’re taking you on a Dreamquest…to find the greatest gonzo found footage, most accidental movie masterpieces, the weirdest alternative comedy experiments, and awesome art and video installations that exist in any dimension.

For our fourth year, EIF, will run for eight glorious days and nights, and present a
killer line-up of events–and stay tuned for more announcements. And throughout the fest, The Cinefamily back patio will contain a tiny world’s fair…or as we call it, “ITS A SMALL WORLD’S FAIR”, with art, video, food and drink.

Don’t forget you can get in free to most events with a Cinefamily membership (for donations as little as $100!)'

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