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Launching Pecano, a Texas Pecan Liqueur

Jeff Schmulen

Austin, TX
June 9, 2013at 8:00 am

Based in Austin, TX, Pecaño is inspired by great Italian liqueurs, but the primary ingredient comes straight from the region where it’s made: the Texas Hill Country. These pecans make it distinct from anything else on the market. I wish I could send you the flavor, aroma and texture through the interwebs, because it's delish! But you don't have to take my word for it...

My goal with Kickstarting Pecaño is to take it from a passion and personal treasure and get it to market by Christmas of 2013. I have until June 9th to meet my goal on Kickstarter's ALL-or-NOTHING platform.

I'd also like to promote a passion for locally inspired liqueurs. Starting this brand is is just the first of many steps in creating not only a great liqueur, but also a means to promote the responsible growth of the environment, discussion and culture that can evolve around unique, regionally characteristic liqueurs such as Pecaño.

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