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Learn Programming With 'Coding for GOOD'

Liz Dwyer

In the 21st century, learning to code is a skill that's as essential as knowing how to read or write, but 90 percent of students are graduating from American high schools without basic computer science know-how. Change that knowledge gap by sharing the free plug-and-play lessons in the Coding For GOOD curriculum with educators and parents you know—and take on learning to code yourself!

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  • Bernardo BechtoldBernardo Bechtold

    This a brilliant project. I am a developer and I want to help it. If there is something that I can do to improve it, let me know.

  • jayashree.coutinhojayashree.coutinho

    Completely agree. Even though I don't have the required aptitude for coding, I find it fascinating and believe that everyone should at least take a shot at it. is brilliant, by the way. Do try it.

  • Mia PokriefkaMia Pokriefka

    Other than w3w schools/ Udacity, has anyone had success with another company/ org??

    • Wayne PritzkerWayne Pritzker is solid, and occasionally good courses will show up on

      • Mia PokriefkaMia Pokriefka

        Wayne- Awesome thanks. I'm actually quite behind on my programming class with Coursera. Have you taken any??

        • RenaAnakweRenaAnakwe

          Wayne is right! There is a great course up right now on coursera that focuses on Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps (specifically geared towards Creatives;) I'm taking it now:

          *It just started this week, you can all still enroll*

          Mia, don't be discouraged! I enrolled for one a few months ago, and got completely sidetracked so I un-enrolled This time I've set aside a set time/day each week for it. Adapting to online classes can be hard at first (for me it was.)

  • bsbonusbsbonus

    Be warned, it's not always easy learning, but highly recommend the work.

    Even if you don't envision becoming a developer, it will improve your problem solving skills, which is applicable in lots of things.

  • Madeleine YuMadeleine Yu

    I learned how to code because I needed a site for my photography portfolio in the early 2000s when everyone had their work online. I couldn't afford to pay anyone and didn't have a connection to a programmer or designer to give me a low price. After I finally learned enough to get the job done, people started offering me $$ to build sites for them. Web design and development is now my core business.

  • Kinsey LaneKinsey Lane

    Looks great! Thanks for the share. If you're looking for other online learning things, check out Duolingo (for languages) and Coursera (Ivy League courses online, for free). Lots of options out there if you're willing to put in the time.

  • Chelsea SpannChelsea Spann

    I'm definitely starting to see more people teach themselves coding as a necessary skill. I feel as though not getting on it now will leave me in the lurch later. Thanks so much for posting this!

    • Zach ThomasZach Thomas

      Even the most basic code knowledge will be helpful. It may prevent you from paying an exorbitant amount for something that you could easily do in-house.

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      I feel that way, too. I know some fundamentals but I'd like to learn enough to be able to redesign my site or make an app.

      • Chelsea SpannChelsea Spann

        If we don't do it, our kids will and then we'll be really behind!!!