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  • Aubrey.alexisAubrey.alexis

    I was inspired by this post to do something similar on a smaller scale. I started a book exchange basket in the laundry room of my apartment building. I filled it with books I had already read and wanted to share and look forward to see what people in my building think of it! Thanks!

    • MidwestDishMidwestDish

      I love that idea- sort of a community building activity with your neighbors:) the idea of getting a book in return makes me exited enough to copy your idea ASAP:)

  • Colin WilloxColin Willox

    I think this is one of the best things you could stumble upon, way above a $20 bill. I did this with a couple books I read - wrote a short note inside the cover, invited people to write their name in it once done, and to leave it for someone else!

  • Jennifer FliegelJennifer Fliegel

    I use Bookcrossing. Then sometimes you get to see where your book went. Some books have been around the world.

  • This Bar Saves LivesThis Bar Saves Lives

    Such a cool and easy idea. Can't wait to do this on our next company field trip. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  • John WynnJohn Wynn

    Jennifer, what a wonderful idea. I love it and as Bascula shared, the BookCrossing id would allow you to follow the books journey from reader to reader. GOOD to do! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • jennifer prodjennifer prod

      hey heidi -- book sharing is one of my favorite topics too. i love the free libraries, but it seems like the quality of books is always a little subpar. i'd love to brainstorm ideas for getting people to donate to them more frequently :)

  • BasculaBascula

    Have you ever heard of BookCrossing? This is very similar to what you have done. You join, register your books (each one gets a unique BCID - BookCrossing ID), then leave them in random places. As strangers find them, they have the opportunity to use the BCID on the website to indicate that they have 'caught' the book. I've been doing this for almost 7 years and it's been a lot of fun (even if I only ever hear from about 10% of the books I leave).

    • jennifer prodjennifer prod

      hey-- thanks for passing along the info for bookcrossing. they seem to be trying something similar to my project, except with a great deal of technological savvy. i'll definitely try it out :) and hey.. i haven't heard back yet from *any* of the people i left books for yet, so your 10% is looking pretty good :)

  • Chrissy StarrChrissy Starr

    I love this idea! Is there any way for you to follow up with them?

    • jennifer prodjennifer prod

      I left my email address inside, so hopefully they reach out :)

  • jennifer prodjennifer prod

    the mini libraries are pretty popular in minneapolis, so i see the boxes pretty frequently. unfortunately, it's rare that i find quality reading material inside - usually just harlequin romance and self-help novels. i suppose i could add books to the libraries and help solve that problem, huh?

    i decided to leave books on a bench to emphasize the importance of sharing. hopefully it encourages people to use the mini libraries and thereby enhances the quality of the books being left behind.