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Answer This: List Three Things You're Passionate About Right Now

Liz Dwyer

One of the ongoing debates in modern culture is whether people should follow their passions or rely on practicality—how much money you'll make—when choosing what to study and what career to pursue. Thanks to this fun exercise from SoulPancake, you can set aside any thoughts of chasing dollars. Simply list three things you're passionate about right now. And who knows, maybe by naming them you'll get inspired to integrate them more fully into your education and career aspirations.

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  • tomfutrelltomfutrell

    1. spending time with my family
    2. spending time on my bicycle
    3. spending time making the earth better

  • Hannah PriestHannah Priest

    1. My Music
    2. The Navy (taking the ASVAB)
    3. Helping those in Need

  • Amy SmithAmy Smith

    1) Mindful eating
    2) Stepping out of my comfort zone
    3) Creating healthful and simple recipes

  • Todd TyrtleTodd Tyrtle

    1) Preserving Food
    2) Reducing tech use - spending less time online, using paper for calendars and note taking more than computers, turning my iPhone into a phone that can play music and tell me when the next bus is coming (and that's it)
    3) Finding ways to bring passion to my work and working on my passions. (Wait, I only can give three answers?)

  • AnnieN.AnnieN.

    1. research
    2. mentoring
    3. making a difference

  • alskiaalskia

    1. Urban planning
    2. Usability
    3. Not smoking

  • Mishka SevdalinkaMishka Sevdalinka


    once these three passions/goals/obsessions are taken care of,
    I want to start a new band, write a book/ movie script, and build my own tiny house.

  • ElyseMElyseM

    1. public health/education
    2. live theater
    3. dance

  • iwfxiwfx

    1. Gardening
    2.Reading more books
    3.Loving everyone.

  • Jenny ToughJenny Tough

    1. Women's sexual freedom
    2. Eliminating poverty
    3. Reducing consumption (of stuff, of natural resources, of new things, new things, new things)

  • janelle kaczjanelle kacz

    LOVE- extending myself to my own and others personal growth. ___ Improving the livelihood of the beautiful people in the MOST bombed country in the world, Laos, through our social business, Jhai Coffee House. ___ Exploring beautiful nature.

  • Dharam ChauhanDharam Chauhan

    First, reading. Second, watching classical movies. And third, nature.

  • matakanamatakana

    creating equality in childrens stomachs.
    inspiring lateral thinking rather than answers to questions
    visualising play and how we can embrace it,

  • penguinpuffpenguinpuff

    bicycling, photographing, graphic designing

  • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

    These are so inspiring--keep 'em coming, y'all!

  • Ashleigh VerdierAshleigh Verdier

    craft beer, sustainable food, graphic design. Would love to make these interests into my full-time job. Hopefully I will one day!

  • Kendra AlexanderKendra Alexander

    Living a healthy lifestyle, working toward financial freedom and spiritual wholeness

  • Cecile RielCecile Riel

    healthy living & promoting it
    keeping up with cad to get back in the workforce

  • Rodrigo MejiaRodrigo Mejia

    1) Fixing old electronics.
    2) Learning programming languages.
    3) Giant Sandwiches.

  • Hannah KimHannah Kim

    1). Reading (currently reading Kafka's "the trial")
    2). Living a sustainable life (in all areas: from what I eat, to what I buy, to my career, my everyday actions)
    3). Food. incredibly so, it's a little disturbing

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Ahem, the Dodgers resurgence will be stopped in its tracks when the Cubs come to town, just saying. And the Lift Animation video--love it!

  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    1) understanding momentum
    2) family
    3) ecosystem logic

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Do you mean understanding momentum in the physics class sense?

  • Ariana FarquharsonAriana Farquharson

    My current passions:
    1 // Returning to reading and writing regularly
    2 // Creating useful and engaging content for my blogs
    3 // Improving my physical and spiritual health

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Love those so much--have you ever done the Artist's Way course? The connection between those three things made me think about it. I'm starting it on August 1st--every time I do it, it really helps me reconnect with my purpose.

  • Kris GiereKris Giere

    Three things that I am passionate about right now:
    1) Focusing on strengths rather than deficiencies
    2) Redefining Education
    3) Cooking with my wife

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Nice. Would love to hear more about how you're redefining education.

      • Kris GiereKris Giere

        I am trying to redefine education as a cultural experience, rather than a standardized set of tasks. I am starting in my courses by building community and in my program by shifting away from teaching to the textbook mentalities to a more organic project oriented approach and pushing my faculty to ignite their passions in order teach from a position of inspiration, not obligation.

        I am an idealist at heart, so this will take time and buy-in. I have the time and I am working to earn the buy-in.

        • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

          So inspiring--I'm such an advocate for exactly what you're talking about. Would love to hear more about it because I know so many other educators are reconnecting with this vision of education. Thanks for sharing.

          • Kris GiereKris Giere

            I would be happy to discuss these concepts with you and how I am attempting to make some of them work. In return though, I'd want to hear your perspective and have you share some of your experiences. I am a firm believer that my growth as a teacher is directly tied to understanding as many views and hearing as many stories as I can from the people I meet.

  • John WynnJohn Wynn

    My top three:
    Establishing a sense of community in my new neighborhood through "fun-raising" events.
    Getting sensible gun control laws passed.
    "Planting" little libraries throughout my new neighborhood

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      It's been on my to-do list to try some sort of pop-up library or book box in my neighborhood--since we don't get much rain in the summertime in Los Angeles, I don't have to worry about the books getting wet. Gun control--I just read about a school district that plans to arm teachers going into this school year. Incredibly disturbing.

      • John WynnJohn Wynn

        Can't figure out why I showed up as onedogguy...nevertheless...a woman here in Cleveland started the "Little Libraries" in her neighborhood and was recently featured on a local newscast and she was the source of my inspiration. I am hoping to contact her soon,,,the structures are basically over-sized mailboxes which provide protection from the elements.

  • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

    I'll kick this off!

    Three things I'm passionate about right now:
    1. Writing
    2. Getting 'Stand Your Ground' laws repealed.
    3. Sending snail mail letters to old friends and relatives.