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    Lizanna Pompa Montes DeOca Ayesha Reynolds
Do It

Live the life we love, to inspire the changes we desire to see.


United States

What we want to do? We are making a documentary series. 30 Days. 20 Cities. 10 Lives Radically changed. The Caravan of Change crew will set out on a nationwide tour in a vintage Airstream to show that small changes can greatly affect not only our lives but the landscape of the world we live in.

Why? We are doers! Our crew has all been inspired + encouraged by the kindness of humanity in our own personal lives. We are also passionate about people, travel, & freely giving the masses tools to have a better, brighter, and healthier future. We are setting out to show that every person can help others in ways they can't even imagine. With your help, a small ripple can turn into a giant wave. We can change our world and we are out to prove that one city and one person at a time!

Who we are? We are artists. We are creatives. We are plant passionate. We are dreamers. We are not bound by the constraints of "the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all." We are here to make a difference!

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