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#LTTW to change how we see and experience Third World Countries

Yasmin Choudhury

October 11, 2013at 11:00 am

#LTTW (Let's Travel The Third World), my hashtag.

Lovedesh™, is my British philanthropic design brand for Third World countries. I just launched it at Kickstarter.

After 2 years of my life spent in many crises, sweating and toiling and scratching my head, I found out who I am and in response, I created Lovedesh Army™, a bracelet which when worn, make a promise to LTTW. Two days ago, project went live. Yikes. I am overwhelmed (!).

The Kickstarter page
Six steps - If you wanted to help me change Third World, you can do one, some or, ALL of the below?
1. Make a pledge now at the link and receive a gift.
2. Share my Kickstarter fashion project link
to your family, friends, colleagues or any famous, influential individuals you may know.
3. Follow me on twitter @lovedeshscout
4. Tell me what you think about that curry film I made in the YouTube clip attached here.
5. I am all alone doing this. Help me, help me , help me. Please?


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  • Yasmin Choudhury

    Thank you for sharing. I am on my own. I need all the support. Cheers. Yasmin C x