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Make it (Thunder)clap for an AIDS-Free Future

Nyaka Mwanza

December 1, 2013at 12:01 am

Every day, more than 700 babies are born HIV-positive. Without treatment, more than 80% of these children will die by their 5th birthday. We can change this!

Add your voice to EGPAF’s #WAD2013 Thunderclap for an #AIDSFreeGen and help us help us reach our goal: 500 Twitter/Facebook signups by World AIDS Day, Dec 1:

Ending pediatric AIDS is not just a dream. Reaching our goal of zero new HIV infections is entirely possible. And we're closer than ever!

Strength in numbers! Spread the word: copy and paste this to your Tweeps:

Shout it from (the virtual) rooftops! The world needs to hear this. Add your voice to our #WAD2013 @ThunderclapIT!

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