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Make kids and teachers safer at school


United States
December 25, 2013

In the 1960s there were an average of 1.6 school shootings per year. In the 2010s, there are more than 10 school shootings per year.

There's a high-tech solution that will cost schools very little, but make a huge impact on the safety of children and adults should violence occur on campus. It's a smartphone app that reduces from minutes to seconds the amount of time it takes to get kids and teachers to a safe area during a school lockdown situation.

If you could, for a few bucks, seriously reduce the number of injuries or deaths to school children, wouldn't you? Now you can. Go to to learn more. You can help make this technology a reality for thousands of schools.

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  • Gregory WilsonGregory Wilson

    I think this is a great system but what about the institutions that cannot afford this sophisticated system. I question how inexpensive it actually is !

    • wintermediawintermedia

      Thanks, Gregory! It is why we are using IndieGogo to allow people to fund their own schools. It would cost the average high school about ten cents per student per month.