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Make Nightlife More Virtuous

Nina Liggett

Washington, DC
October 24, 2013

Raise Your City (of which their first city chapter is RaiseDC) is a social movement bringing together a city’s most talented musicians and artists, socially responsible businesses, high impact non-profits and civically-minded people, providing a low barrier of entry for millennials to engage with their city’s most pressing issues.

Over the past fifteen months RYC events have raised thousands of dollars for non-profits while exposing thousands of new faces and potential volunteers to their work.

RYC has made incredible progress over the past year, but to ensure continued growth, while having the most beneficial impact, they must pay their talented artists, musicians, and creative partners.

Support RYC's Indiegogo campaign, through donations and spreading the word to those who are interested, you help make nightlife more virtuous.

<< Full disclosure: I am lucky enough to be on the Board of Advisers of RYC >>

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