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Amanda Allen

Baltimore, MD

I'm working with a team of entrepreneurs, makers, and designers to unite the social innovation ecosystem in Baltimore. We're proposing a publicly accessible social space, and we want your feedback!

The space will be part coworking, part makerspace, and part restaurant/bar. Entrepreneurs will be able to work in the same space as makers, and more importantly, social change work and impact will be made visible to the public, offering greater exposure to social capital, greater transparency with the community, and greater opportunity for partnership and efficiency.

If you have ideas about what this space could look like, check out our blog and add to the conversation:

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  • Russell JohnstonRussell Johnston

    I've worked in two philosophy departments. One had a central well looking down into the next floor. Fancy, but no meeting space at all. The offices were along a tunnel-like corridor. Very fractious atmosphere, co-authored papers were rare.

    The other had a very large emptyish central space with many couches and, I think, a coffee-maker. Offices were off this space or in very short corridors leading to it. Some dividers for a touch of separation. Great atmosphere, and very many coauthored papers resulted. Just as "security has to be the default" if you want to be secure, so too, "collegiality has to be the default" if you want to be collegial.