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    Alessandra Rizzotti
Do It

Don't worry. And remember, [your city] is awesome.

Kevin Van Lierop

Your City

Sometimes we need to be reminded that our cities are our homes, for better or worse, and that they have more positives to provide us than negatives, regardless of what some pessimists would have us believe. It needn't be much, just something to let us know that everything is OK.

What if we took the time to address some of the negative, pessimistic, shameful and exhausting feelings that are far too common among people and places across our cities? What if we reminded our fellow residents of all the great things the places we call home have to offer? What if instead of people only seeing the less-than-stellar parts of our cities we provided them with messages of optimism, reminding them that everything will be OK?

What can we do, as everyday citizens, to re-inspire and re-energize all of the people who make the cities we live in great places to live?

What can we do to reaffirm the idea that the things that currently aren't great will get better and that our cities, are in fact,

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