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Now Distance Education Programs Equivalent To Regular Degree Programs – UGC News!!

Sara Michal


Amongst the various modes of education, the distance and correspondence programs have gained much popularity in the recent times.

Unlike the older times, when the students had only a single option of attending full time lectures, today most of them can be found to have enrolled in multiple courses offered by Institutions extending distance education and e-learning programs.

The popularity of these programs owes to the ever ending need of gaining specialization, in this era of cut-throat competition. Where affordability, ease of study, and flexibility are some of the advantages offered by a typical distance program, a major advantage related to its structure being just the same as a regular program, cannot be ignored. However, it has been found by much research and study that until today, distance education programs were considered to be a bit low on the credibility scale as compared to the regular courses. However, a recent news floated by the University Grants Commission....

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