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On November 6th, Let's "Get (Money) Out the Vote"


Electing folks we can hold accountable is key for the movement to get money out of politics. Still, voting in elections that've been corrupted by big $$$ ain't easy to stomach. 1-in-4 Americans say they’re less likely to vote due to the outsized influence of super-wealthy donors. Such mass demobilization is just what mega-donors want. So let's reclaim Election Day & give a face to our movement instead: vote w/ $1 taped over your mouth (bring friends!), snap a photo, share it with the world!

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  • Max SchorrMax Schorr

    Very much in agreement about the need to get money out from the center of our politics, and think your idea is great. I'm not quite ready to sign up for this action, but support you and your efforts.