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    Luke Wilcox
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Order Iraqi food from a refugee.

Luke Wilcox

Minneapolis-Saint Paul
March 30, 2013

Live in the Twin Cities and like to try new food? Sukaina and her four children are refugees from Baghdad. They arrived in Minnesota in November 2012. Sukaina is in the process of bringing her husband, who was kidnapped and missing, to join their family in MN. She would love to share her passion for her Iraq's delicious dishes and the flavors of Baghdad with you. In turn, you can help her support her family (please share this to others who may be interested!):

All proceeds from meals go to Sukaina and her four children, ages ten, eight, seven and one. All meals serve 5-6. Contact me to order or for more info (

Iraqi Biryani Rice Dish with Roasted Chicken- $35.00
Iraqi Biryani Rice Dish with Lamb- $40.00
Lahm Bi Aigen, Meat Pie- $25.00
Mehshi, Stuffed Vegetables with minced Lamb- $35.00 or Vegetarian- $30.00
Makloube, with choice of Lamb $40.00, Chicken $35.00, or Vegetarian $30.00


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    Luke Wilcox

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