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Participate in World Toilet Day!


San Francisco, CA
November 19, 2013

Because 2.5 billion people around the globe lack access to sanitation, and because Lava Mae - a San Francisco-based mobile shower & toilet service - is trying to address the problem.

If you're in San Francisco that day, come visit us on Market Street at 10th. We're mounting a public art installation of 6 "pimped out" toilets created by local, and highly regarded, designers and artists. The installation is called "C'mon, Give a Sh_t!".



  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Really interesting cultural statement. Will these toilets be installed into your facilities afterwards or do they not work? Please let us know what the response will be! Do you have pictures?

    • DonieceS

      I wish we could repurpose them for the bus; they'd be fun! They're purely decorative. In fact, we'll be hosting an online auction for them that same day. Starting price: $25! I'm collecting photos from the artists now; the one above is by Sarah Ratchye.

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        Would love to see the photos. Please share a link once you have it so that we can bid!

        • DonieceS

          Stay tuned; we should be ready to go live late next week!