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henri nyakarundi


ARED has developed a solar-powered, mobile phone charging kiosk that can be towed behind a bicycle, a major mode of transportation in Rwanda. ARED is meeting a tremendous need: access to electricity to charge cell phones. The solution is clean energy, grass roots entrepreneurs, and mobility. The problem is that while around 40% of households have cell phones but are without access to electricity. In Rwanda, as in most of sub-Saharan Africa, cell phones have become ubiquitous and essential to business. ARED has designed and funded Phase I, which has five kiosks going, with five small operators (franchisees) pulling and stationing them around the cities and rural areas. We are raising money to fund 20 more redesigned and improved kiosks. Based on my research, done to support this planning last year, there is a huge market that extends across Africa to tens of millions of potential customers.
ARED is raising $30,000 on the site below and I hope you will consider supporting our camp