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  • landers

    I keep getting South Africa and Australia confused!

  • vvila

    8330 was my highest. It's incredibly addicting!

  • Enrique Cabanilla

    Great, I really like to know how much is left to be visited around the world!!!! :)

  • bowzee

    I've been playing this for a couple of days already. 6140 was highest score. If you like point systems then there is a social media app for mobile phones where you get points for sending and receiving text.

  • Rachel Spence

    Perfect break from work...and it looks like I'm working :)

    High score: 16,649!

    • Emily Friedman

      @Mary Slosson-- looks like you have some competition :)

  • meredith.c.ryan

    yes, it is fun...7156 points...two of my five choices were in Australia. must be a sign...

  • Diana Ahrens

    this is incredibly addictive! my favorite was one of a long stretch of road with not a single structural or other clue. i dropped the pin in the middle of the US (ended up landing in Nebraska) and the correct answer was just up the map in south dakota.

  • Mary Slosson

    After some practice, I just scored 9516. Woo! I got one beach town in Mexico that looked like a really lovely place to visit. :) SO addicting.

  • Laura Goldberg

    I scored terribly, I did better when I realized I could move the map. I agree, FUN!

  • Zachary Slobig

    I got two countries out of five. One was blind luck, and the other had a prominent language clue. Fun little game!