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Please Send Us Your TOP SOLUTIONS to America's & the World's Greatest Challenges ASAP! :)

Ty Loomis

Anywhere, Earth
October 15, 2013

We are Intellectual Revolution ( Two former pro volleyball players & passionate about all Global Challenges we face in America & the World today.

We are launching our "Be the Change" Solutions Campaign on Oct. 15th and we need your help! Our goal is to curate all the Solutions from the World's Smartest Intellectuals.

Help us "Be the Change" by emailing us links to all the Top Solutions today at " "

About Us: is an educational discovery website, focused on personal growth & global evolutionary challenges. We feature conscious intellectuals, leading the world on an enlightened path to liberty, harmony & sustainability.

Our Mission is to assist in humanity's evolution by providing quality information, which promotes critical thinking, personal growth and direct positive action.

Join the Intellectual Revolution today! It's Time!


Ty Loomis & Matt McKinney
Co-founders of

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