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    Brea Keating
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produce our own electricity starting with just one or two solar panels

John Verway

North America

Daytime electricity costs for many areas are higher than night time, Electricity produced by your own solar panels
1) offset the highest cost electricity and so they provide the fastest payback
2) Can cost less than 20% of what you will pay hydro anyways, if you do not use solar
3) Make retirement a joy without increasing electricity bils
4) a $150 / mo electric bill now can be $350 per month when you retire ( and your income is not going to be going up)

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Do It

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    Brea Keating

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  • John VerwayJohn Verway

    visit for information on every solar system from 1 panel to thousands and a place to get answers to your solar questions. Off grid, net metering and microFIT where applicable. Thanks, John