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Quit Mondays (says the chick who's still figuring it out!)

Taylor Lewis

Me - Seattle. You - Anywhere

It's now been while since I officially QUIT Mondays. We just didn't work well together.
No, but really. I quit my comfortable 8 to 5 job recently to pursue a career that I'm truly passionate about. Now I am self employed and each and every day has been difficult, adventurous, exciting, scary, anxiety-filled, thrilling....but never boring. What's even better? I now feel that I have true PURPOSE. In my opinion, slaving away (or not) at a job you despise is worse than quitting all together...even with the perks of steady pay and benefits.
Having no steady paycheck, having employees and having to sell yourself and your abilities to strangers is intimidating. And yet, I love it.
I have a flexible schedule. I can work from home, express my creative abilities, imagine and design amazing experiences for clients, while solving other client's problems with a little bit of interior therapy.

I still have a bit to learn and would be kindly accept any advice you all have to share!

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