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raise $100,000 to help The Miracle Foundation support an entire orphanage of 100 kids

Caroline Boudreaux

May 13, 2013at 11:59 pm

Bouquets are beautiful, but will you consider a new way to celebrate Mother's Day on May 12th?
Before your day and week gets crazy... click through to join with us! Now you can applaud good moms and instantly give a wonderful, real childhood to 100 kids who don't have one-- yet. With your help, they will!
We have received over $82,000 to date.
Please join me, Caroline Boudreaux, and UNICEF Ambassador Tea Leoni in our exciting "Orphans Over Orchids" $100,000 Global Challenge, and enjoy this authentic and meaningful way to celebrate Mother's Day.
You can make an immediate, permanent and trackable difference in the health, happiness (and future) for an entire orphanage of 100 boys and girls halfway around the world. By joining the Orphans Over Orchids challenge, you can ensure delivery of 100 childhoods with loving trained housemothers, clean water, good food, cozy beds AND an excellent education.
Help us raise $100,000 to fund a new orphanage by Mother's Day.

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