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Re-Imagine the Gift: Give Your Time

imperative :

Taking your time to find the right gift? How about giving time itself. Since the holiday season is a time for togetherness and generosity, give your time through the Imperative Time Bank. We'll send a virtual gift card to make it official and you can tweet @ImperativeLab to share your gift with the world. Give here:

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  • Ruby HoRuby Ho

    What an amazing system.

  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    i dig this. is there a way to time when the gift gets received?

    • KimGimKimGim

      Hey Ben, great idea! Right now it just sends in real time but scheduling would be an awesome new feature for the time bank.

      • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

        cool. I think it's already great, and this would only make it better.