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How Would You Redesign Your Office to Fit Your Working Culture?

Alessandra Rizzotti

Changing your environment can change your mindset. If you work at a progressive co-working space or startup, how about inspiring your co-workers by naming your office's conference rooms after landmarks in your city, hanging some wall plants, or writing inspirational quotes on the walls with chalk? Also- what about inviting thought leaders to host interesting talks once a month? The important thing to remember is to infuse your office culture into the design of your space. What are your ideas? If you're an entrepreneur, here are questions to ask yourself before you get started. I'm curious to see what your office looks like now. Take some pictures and post links below. Or, do you know of any innovative work spaces? Here are some non-traditional personal office spaces.

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  • Daryn DeZengotitaDaryn DeZengotita

    At The Grove, we animate the space and encourage collaboration through regularly scheduled gatherings like "TED+Beer", "Social Media Sync" and "Wine Down Wednesdays". Also, many of our collaborators invite others to listen in on their individual business meetings whenever possible. Scenes from our space in Dallas.

  • Christina MirandoChristina Mirando

    This is great. I manage a co-working space for social entrepreneurs in Austin and we're always thinking of new ways to get our members to interact and collaborate, both on and offline.

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      What do you think is the best way to get people to interact and collaborate- esp in a co-working space?