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Reduce Your Waste, Starting With a Reusable Cup

Stef McDonald


Sometimes small actions you take can make a difference. Let's start with your coffee cup. If it's paper or foam, it's going to join billions of other cups that are discarded and dumped in landfills every year. (And don't get us started on those cardboard sleeves.)

Simply put: Disposal here means destructive. Creating disposable cups is a drain on resources and energy, and discarding them means filling our landfills and further polluting the atmosphere with methane—making climate change an even scarier prospect.

So, enough already. Get a reusable cup and take it with you from home to coffee shop to office—or wherever your day takes you. (And if you already have one, remember to use it!)



  • landerslanders

    Ordered a KeepCup - I'll make sure to put it in my bag!

  • Justine HighsmithJustine Highsmith

    Love this! The path towards sustainability starts with these simple, easy-to-form habits. It was once difficult for me to remember to bring cloth bags to the grocery store. To help form this habit, I always had a secret stash in the backseat of my car, just in case. Now, whenever I leave the house I always think to myself, "keys, phone, wallet, and cloth bags." I'll add coffee cup to that list, too.