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Rethink the Way Social Justice Issues are Communicated


New York, NY
October 5, 2013at 10:00 am

We believe most important issues deserve the best storytellers.

We invite you to the Re3 StoryHack (Oct 5-6 in NY). It's an experiment, but damn, it’s an important one. It’s time to expand the boundaries of justice-focused persuasive storytelling.

Are you in the social innovation space? A nonprofit? A foundation? A startup? We’re asking you to propose and submit specific stories relating to complex issues like economic fairness, climate change, and educational opportunity.

Are you a designer? Developer? Journalist? Strategist? Photographer? Artist? We’re offering creative storytellers the chance to choose one of ten selected stories and work with top-notch teammates.

Over the Re3 StoryHack weekend, we will innovate new ways of thinking and communicating these stories in language; written, visualized, performed, coded and more.

Changemakers and creative storytellers with a conscience, start your engines!

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  • Reardor

    Definitely want to commend and wish you much success and awesome tangible results! This sounds exciting, fun and promising. Sharing with all my NYC buddies. Excited to see the fruits of your labor. Good luck!

    • Hyperakt

      Thanks a bunch Reardor. We're blown away by the quality of the people who have applied to participate!