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  • kennethmregankennethmregan

    One answer is READ and TALK to Linda Darling-Hammond, Please, for ALL children!

  • Grant GarrisonGrant Garrison

    Liz, you know I love you but I'm worried this letter is a bit aggressive and not totally fair. Do you really feel Gates, Broad et al may be pursuing ed reform for some nefarious purpose? There's more nuance to be had here so I can't quite lend my support to it.

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      What I am most concerned with is not intent but the outcomes of that intent. If folks feel this letter resonates with what they see are the outcomes in our schools and for students, then they should voice their concerns by sending it to our administration.

    • Luke FrancisLuke Francis

      Gates and others have been fairly open in their criticism of educators and public schools. Gates has made several statements that show he is willing to disregard research when it does not support his premise and to embrace it when it does. According to Gates, "Seniority seems to have no effect on student achievement." There are numerous and far more degrading references toward educators by Gates and others that a simple Google search will bring up. Sure, you can Google search his positive quotes as well, but that does not change the fact that many of these folks have very low opinions of educators and see us as the problem.

      • Grant GarrisonGrant Garrison

        Hi Luke. I totally understand the frustration that comes when people make negative statements about teachers or somehow indicate they are "the problem." On this point, we can agree - teachers are the bedrock of education and should be celebrated, not further devalued. My only objection was in lumping together Gates and Coors, and saying both have equal, nefarious values or objectives in their education reform work. My sense - and who knows, really - is that Mr. Gates and most others, perhaps with the exception of severe conservatives who may be interested in reducing the power of teachers unions, are motivated by a genuine desire to improve education outcomes for kids. Now, do they make mistakes? Yes. Ought they have so much non-democratic power? Maybe not. These are important and debatable issues that, for me, are not served by impugning motivations. I hope that makes sense. I imagine you and I have far more on this issue about which we agree than disagree. And thanks for being a teacher.

    • MarkovChaneyMarkovChaney

      Grant, do you really feel that Gates, Bloomberg, Broad, the Walton Family, the DeVoss Family, the Coors Family, et al., are NOT pursuing ed reform for a HOST of nefarious purposes, including profit, greed, and various right-wing and fundamentalist social agendas? Are you actually not aware of those things?

  • Educating_WomenEducating_Women

    I posted the letter on Arne Duncan's Facebook page using the link provided by Liz Dwyer.

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      What specifically isn't working, Gary?

  • Janine ReedJanine Reed

    The link to send to Arne Duncan is not working??