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Do It


  • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

    Even taking 5 minutes makes a real difference (I find the earlier the better) - trouble is that it's hardest to take the time when you also busiest...

  • Liv DrumLiv Drum

    I usually do this at night. I listen to a body scan meditation on youtube and it helps me fall asleep. My mind is usually the most busy at night, so thanks for the "nudge" to help me start doing that again.

  • della2della2

    This is so important. I love my quiet time. Della

  • FrankleFrankle

    yep - but like zen - once you've hit your nirvana - you don't need to keep doing it - I did it 40 years ago - I don't need to keep doing it - if I feel frazzled, say once a fortnight, just a couple of minutes of fixing the gaze on a distance object and focusing on emptying/relaxing the mind and I'm good

  • Erykah St.LouisErykah St.Louis

    This one of those things that really helps us stay balanced. It's been working for me since the start of the new year.