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Sign a Petition to tell City Planners to Design Streets for Pedestrians NOT Cars.

Jessica Lowry

Imagine if you could walk to more places? No matter where you live there are likely walkability issues. For some it might be lack of sufficient street lighting at night causing safety issues. For others it might be a lack of sidewalks or sufficient shelter from the environmental elements.

Sign this petition to tell city planners all over the world that you want them to design streets for pedestrians.

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  • kyle pierson

    LA folks, What do you think of Michael Maltzan's 6th Street Viaduct? I'm curious to see if it is popular. Or, if not, why not?

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I actually haven't seen it in action. I didn't realize it was built yet. Concept seems great. The area it will be in is sorta desolate though- it's up and coming- so I hope the viaduct makes it feel like a safer, neighborly place.

      • kyle pierson

        You're right. Maltzan lists the status as "In Design." Guess I'll have to wait for the reviews. The Viaduct, if successful, may get people thinking about how cities can rethink infrastructure to be more pedestrian friendly and park-like city spaces.

  • vallier

    I think having pedestrian friendly streets are definitely worthwhile. But, I'd like to ask city planners to consider a multi-benefit plan for streets. So, yes... please consider cars AND pedestrians AND bicyclists AND... converting parkways to treat storm water run off, restoration of the watershed, planting edibles especially in food deserts, planting indigenous plants reduce water usage and provides natural habitats to birds, bees, butterflies and other critters.