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June 20, 2013

Students, young professionals, moms, dads, fashion designers, advertisers, gays and sports fans... in some instances groups of people who would normally never associate with each other in the Turkish society came together in millions all over Turkey to defend personal freedoms and say NO to an authoritarian Prime Minister.

What started as a peaceful demonstration in Istanbul's Taksim Square over the plans to replace Gezi Park, one of the last remaining green spaces in the city, with a shopping mall turned into a national outbreak of discontent with the government when Turkish Police responded with unreasonable force. The police have been using tear gas and water canon.

This is a frustrated nation over personal freedoms and the authoritarianism shown by a highly bipolar Prime Minister.

This is about democracy, lawfulness and the basic right of voicing your concerns to be heard. Show your solidarity and support the people who want their personal freedoms left alone.