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Stomp It Out - breaking down stereotpyes and stomping out poverty

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Stomp It Out is a documentary following a group of young people from the slums of Soweto to China to on a gumboot dancing tour.

This is about more than cultural exchange. It's about breaking down the rigid, negative stereotypes the media's constructed of Africa and putting forward a joyful, enthusiastic and hopeful image instead.

You can vote for Stomp It Out to win a $1,000 travel grant through GOOD Maker and Travel2Change to support this tour, and the film that will show it to the world!

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    Stomp It Out is currently coming 14th - we'd love your vote to help us secure funding to fly our documentary maker to China in March to film the gumboot tour - where these dancers will travel from the slums of South Africa to China to perform for audiences of up to 1,000 people!