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Study Sustainability at Better Farm

Better Farm

Better Farm Redwood, NY

Better Farm’s Sustainability Education Program offers a year-round immersive, introductory crash-course in sustainability initiatives. Individuals receive a hands-on education in a myriad of seasonal topics related to sustainability and environmental issues, including: organic small-scale farming and gardening; greenhouses and four-season farming; compost methods; alternative building and energy; rain and graywater collection; aquaponics/hydroponics; chicken care; community outreach initiatives (supper clubs, volunteer work at area farms, workshops, presence at local events); homesteading (organic cooking, canning/preserving, splitting wood); and outdoor survival.

Better Farm is nestled on a 65-acre property in the foothills of the Adirondacks and a mere 10 miles from the gorgeous Thousand Islands region along the St. Lawrence Seaway bordering Canada. The Indian River Lakes System surrounds Better Farm, with 11 lakes within close vicinity.

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