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Submit Ideas to #MakeItHappen in Our Communities

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Small change. Big impact. The Schusterman Philanthropic Network wants to know: how would you #MakeItHappen in your community for $1,000? How about $5,000?

For 25 years, Schusterman has been empowering young people to work in partnership to create a force for good within the Jewish community and beyond. Join those reimagining Jewish engagement for a new generation and share how you would create impact.

This is a cool opportunity to submit inspiring ideas for connecting “how you do Jewish” with “how you do good” in your community. Up to 50 ideas will receive a micro grant of up to $5,000.

So how would you engage people in your Jewish community in making a difference? Dream big! Host a hackathon. Create a mobile Shabbat soup kitchen. Build a pop-up tutoring campaign for underprivileged students.

Inspired ideas are flying in from around the world. Get started by uploading a photo and brief description of your idea. Ideas selected on a rolling basis through December!

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  • nongley jfnongley jf

    what i will do for my community with 1000§,well i will first start by specifying the type of community that i came from which is not financially ok ,is just a region in africa ,cameroon ,a small village in my country ,with that i guess i could offer medications to the inhabitants and improve their sanitary conditions ,also offer books,and free education to the less previladges ,i think all that services will do that ,and it will maintain as time geos by.