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Baltimore, MD
August 22, 2013

Slumlord Watch was started in January of 2009, as a way for city residents to expose negligent property owners who owned problematic vacant properties in their neighborhoods.Sites are chosen for publicity on Slumlord Watch’s website based on input from community residents, or because they have been identified by the founder of the Slumlord Watch project.

Wallhunter's Slumlord Project is an innovative project in Baltimore, Maryland that will use street art to expose and publicize vacant and dilapidated housing and the responsible parties for those conditions. The project will use different street art forms to display art that will attract community interest and support community identity. By incorporating QR codes next to the art pieces that link to specific Slumlord Watch website posts, the project will educate community members about the housing and safety code violations on the property and the owners responsible for the property’s decline.

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