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Citizen Building Block # 29: Support Family Farmers by Pledging to Shop at Local Farmers' Markets


Across America

Many family farmers struggle to stay financially afloat and face pressure from development that is destroying farmland. Farms closest to America’s cities—often the providers of the delicious local food found at farmers markets—are directly in the path of destruction. AFT’s I Love My Farmers' Market Celebration is raising national awareness about local farmers markets and putting money directly in the pockets of family farmers through individual pledges of $10 to be spent at their farmers market. These pledges provide support that can help family farmers survive the short-term financial roller coasters that can send them reeling.

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  • Jessica FassettJessica Fassett

    I run a CSA instead of going to a farmers Market. Most of my customers are low income and can not afford the prices you find at a farmers market and I cant afford the insurance policy they want me to have. Hoping to get moved to where I can have a farm Stand and be able to take SNAP benefits. If you can make it to a farmers market and afford the prices it is a great way to go.