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support game changing frames. The AEON Sunnies Indiegogo Campaign!


Toronto, ON, Canada
July 16, 2013at 8:00 am

This summer, experience sunglasses infused with timeless qualities-- dreamt up and designed in Toronto, Canada.Each pair of AEON Attire Sunnies represents a link between two different worlds. The Sunnies connect structure with beauty. Sharp lines and contours. Science and art. Old and young. What is and what is yet to be. The AEON Sunnies were created when friends
Wei, Wei and Patrick were shopping for sunglasses on a hot summer day. There are $5 throw-aways, and $200+ designer frames... but people need designer quality with a reasonable price. A few companies control manufacturing, distribution, and pricing of most frames on the market-- so it's time for a different take on eyewear. Each pair of Sunnies is a complete package. It comes with excellent UV400 protection, hard-shell protective case, lens cloth, and microfibre pouch. They will retail for $99 a pair. But for he first time in its history, AEON Attire is launching a campaign on Indiegogo through which the Sunnies are 60% now!

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