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Support students organizing for a Real Food economy

Real Food Challenge

March 22, 2013

In less than 2 years, students have already shifted $48.5 million of their college and universities' food budgets to REAL food -- food that is local and/or community-based, fair, humane, and ecologically-sound. This is an incredible accomplishment, and we're just getting started! By joining our team of regional field organizers, you'll play a critical role in supporting this movement, join an inspirational network of young changemakers, and experience first-hand what it takes to create a just, healthy, and sustainable food system.

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  • Max SchorrMax Schorr

    What you are doing is amazing. Keep up the great work!

      • Max SchorrMax Schorr

        If you ever have someone in LA, they should come by our office. What you are doing is amazing and already has me thinking of lots of possible ways to help. First, would love to see an interactive infographic that shows which schools have made the switch, which are making the switch, and which still need to make the switch. Second, would be great to leverage alumni and alumni associations. Third, would love to learn about how you are funded and see if there are ways we can help connect you to additional resources. Finally, would love to help you get out the word for this project. So cool. Thanks for the inspiration and great work.