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Take a Stand Against Bigoted Bus Ads- Sign the Petition!

Aslan Media

Did you know San Francisco public transportation has been sporting Islamophobic bus ads lately? While MUNI and the MTA Board have "condemned" the ads, they continue to run them.

This is unacceptable. Let the board know that taking money from hatemongers is not okay, and continuing to run these ads will not be tolerated by the public. Demand stronger action from MUNI and the MTA board today- sign the petition and have your voice heard. Take a stand against this latest flare up of bigotry.

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  • Robert YurukiRobert Yuruki

    I'm surprised San Fran..they seem to be the most progressive city in CA. I live in Orange County, CA and the racism is alive and well here. Hispanics here get the brunt of the abusive and it is just terrible. If you get a chance, watch my video on YouTube. Here is the link: