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Do It

Take an Alternate Route

Joshua Neuman


Even though Robert Frost was writing in 1920, he might have been a contemporary urbanist when he suggested that taking the road less traveled can sometimes make all the difference. This week, ditch the car, pump up the tires of your bike, hitch a ride with a friend, take an alternative route, try public transit, or, dare I say, walk! Opt for the commute-not-taken and see if you can design better ways to get from here to there. You don’t need to be Robert Frost to create poetry in motion.



  • adrian cotter

    For the last 4 or so years, I've been deliberately making my commute longer. My commute was becoming exploration -- not something I was duty bound to do. I recently moved to a new place, and complained about the fact that I was forced to commute in a particular way. People were but that commute is so efficient and fast. I had a hard time explaining why I liked my commute inefficient! Still working on making that happen. Taking the ferry once a week has been a blast.

  • Bridget_Says_So

    On the way home from a hike, decided to take a detour just to see where the road takes me... ended up on an amazing mountain road behind 20 vintage race cars heading into a town I had never visited. Never would have discovered it if I just headed home the same way that I arrived.

  • Cody Page

    Walked or biked to work all five days last week--felt awesome.

  • Jen Chiou

    will try to walk 4.5 mile trek to work tomm morning... and still make it to my AM mtgs on time...