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Teach Little Ones Big Ideas About Building a Better World

L is for Liberation Collective

July 15, 2013

The Radicalphabet is an alternative alphabet poster intended to teach little ones about big ideas. Comprised of images created by a rad group of artist and activists, the poster depicts the kind of world we strive for — a world where people like "gender benders" and "elders" are celebrated, movements like "disability justice" and "prison abolition" are prioritized, and ideas like "sustainability" and "consent" are practiced.

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  • mzelinskymzelinsky

    I recently visited Ciudad Mujer, an organization in El Salvador dedicated to providing free services to women, and was amazed by their child care center that they called a "Child Attention Center" for the use of children while their caregivers were receiving services. I was shocked when I learned that each child received a coloring book that was created to teach children about their human rights! I was an adult in graduate school before I read my UN granted human rights. Teaching children about these big ideas is certainly the right way to go!