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  • ferchi96ferchi96

    You should come to Venezuela to meet happy people !

  • Victoria FannVictoria Fann

    My nineteen year old son, Miles, is the happiest person I know because his entire focus in life is on finding ways to be of service to others less fortunate. He is a naturally heart-centered, joyful person who loves life and only wants to do what he can to bring joy to others.

  • RedJulieRedJulie

    Every evening before we go to bed my husband and I do a recounting of all the good things that happened that day. Interestingly, we are becoming happier as individuals and as a couple.

    • Nicholas KraftNicholas Kraft

      When you experience something happy, one part of your brain is engaged. When you recount that same experience, a different part of your brain is engaged, but you receive the same chemical blast in both instances. AND since you're hearing about your husband's happy moments, you're also activating a different region in your brain and getting yet another chemical blast of the "happy stuff". No wonder you're becoming happier!

    • jennifer prodjennifer prod

      i love this. it would be neat if you wrote them down and placed them in a jar.. then you could review them at the end of the month or year :)

    • Cristal GarciaCristal Garcia

      I did something similar but with an anonymous email list, "The G List". Every day, we'd send our "Gratitude Lists" consisting of things we were grateful for that day. It encouraged you to find something for which to be thankful, no matter how small. This post and your practice has inspired me to start that up again. Many thanks!

      • Nicholas KraftNicholas Kraft


        You should check out the app HAPPIER as it was created to facilitate exactly that: a gratitude list.

        • Cristal GarciaCristal Garcia

          Downloaded! Thanks for the suggestion. For what it's worth, I really believe in your project and I've blasted it through my networks. I think more exploration of the idea of human happiness is very much needed as that's when really GOOD progress can begin! Forward and up.

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      That's such a great practice. Sometimes we don't give ourselves time to reflect. Not even in present moments. It's good to know you do that and I think I should do that more often.

    • Nicholas KraftNicholas Kraft


      How is Erin the happiest person you know. Obviously 30 Rock taught us that everyone in Cleveland is happy, but tell me more!

      • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell


        I've never seen Erin's sad or mad. She's always bubbly and has the funniest snorting-laugh you'll ever hear.

        She puts up beautiful street art and messages of joy around Cleveland and is always making trying to make other people happy. Check some of it out here:

        She once told me that her goal in life was to meet everybody in the world. When I asked her why, she said because people are so interesting.

        Just thinking of Erin makes me smile and that's plus all the other stuff I mentioned is why she's the happiest person I know.

        • Nicholas KraftNicholas Kraft

          I love it! See, NOW I'm intrigued. Thank you for the tumblr link - what great art.

          I feel the same way about wanting to meet everyone in the world, though it may be a little time consuming.