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Trade your shoes for WHEELS

reveca torres

September 30, 2013

At the age of 13 I was in a car accident and paralyzed from the chest down.
I went from one world to a whole new one in a second. Trying to navigate and figure that where you belong and what you are "labeled" is a tricky thing!
"Able vs. disabled", "man vs. woman", privileged vs. marginalized", etc. And we forget the one identifying label: HUMAN. Human ability, connection and understanding when we "walk a mile in another man's shoes."
Well, I invite you to trade in your shoes for wheels!
If you don't know what disability is like or know anyone with a disability (heck, even if you do!) spend a day in a wheelchair this September in honor of Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month!

Need help finding a wheelchair to park your bum in? We can help!

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