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Tune Out Technology and Tune into Each Other (at least for the Holidays)

Hank Knaack


Design consultants Wolff Olins have developed a timely solution for focusing on the things that matter (especially at this time of year): Being together. But not just being together, being present... while you're together. This is an analog design tool that allows you to bring attention away from your phone by rendering it unusable. And although it isn't fool proof, it sends a great message. When you get off the plane and home with family, "unplug" from technology and "plug in" to one another. You in?

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  • blythe doloresblythe dolores

    This is weird. Why not just leave your phone in your purse?

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      Totally valid point. I think it's silly we need things to prevent us from looking at our phones. I know with a purse, I'd just grab the phone anyways. With this- I'd probably be so frustrated that I'd stop trying to use the phone- kind of like a kiddie lock.