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Use Social Media for Better Customer Service

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It’s usually an unappealing chore when you have to return or exchange a purchase you’ve made, or call a business to get information. It can feel like endless waits and looping hold music are awaiting you. But what if customer service allowed you to get immediate help, getting you connected to the right person with the right answers? While there are certainly businesses out there who get customer service right, a lot of corporations are taking note of the power of social media—and this is how you can make customer service work for you.

Instead of emailing every email you can find, try reaching out in alternative, public ways such as Twitter, Facebook, even Yelp. The high visibility can often yield quick results because many brands are constantly monitoring their presence on social sites. Just ask Peter Shankman, who unexpectedly found a steak waiting for him at the airport after tweeting about his hunger to Morton’s Steakhouse.

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    social media is really a very powerful tool and must be used for this