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Use washable plates for takeout from Cappuccino's

Diana Ahrens

Cappuccino's, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa has agreed to serve our food on washable plates (from our kitchen) instead of styrofoam. And because we're saving her money, every order served on a plate instead of a styrofoam container will be discounted $0.25.

We've supplied her with a stack of clean plates - just ask for a plate when you order. Easy as that.*

*And please don't forget to wash your plate when you're done! Right Chris?

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    • Diana AhrensDiana Ahrens

      next time you're know what to do.

  • Alicia RosasAlicia Rosas

    Saw the note about GOOD on the Cappucino's register this morning when I went in to get some coffee and thought that it was super cool!