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  • Thierry PhillipsThierry Phillips

    The EASY way to do this (sometimes everybody forgets, and waste WILL happen, but you can minimize it) is to install foot- or elbow-activated water taps and faucets. NOT CHEAP, but pretty much foolproof.

  • Todd TyrtleTodd Tyrtle

    Definitely not easy. We lived where we had to carry our own water for about two years. During that time we would use about 15-20 gallons (about half a tub full) every day for washing, cooking, and drinking. (We still would go to the laundromat to wash our clothes). When the water's readily available it's so much easier to waste it. And that doesn't even take in to account heating water. That's a whole other challenge in and of itself.

  • molliemichieleppmolliemichielepp

    brilliant. my kids already know to shut the faucet off when brushing, but my husband leaves the water running when loading the dishwasher. drives me batty.