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  • Carolyn SamsCarolyn Sams

    Ooo, I haven't heard of the Beachwood Canyon stairs... I'm gonna do that this weekend!

  • Adele PetersAdele Peters

    Love the stairs of LA. For anyone visiting the Bay Area, there are also great public staircases in San Francisco and the Berkeley Hills (also a couple of amazing hillside slides).

    • Shauna NepShauna Nep

      Hey! If you buy the book or download the walks from his website, you can do them on your own. Or, follow them on facebook to go on one of the organized walks! There are a few each month. :)

  • Terri HammerTerri Hammer

    This is perfect! A must do. Moving to L.A. next weekend.

    • Shauna NepShauna Nep

      Seriously, they are the best!! So much fun. And such a perfect way to experience LA.